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Frequently Asked Questions

Email addresses, social handles, follower counts, and the last updated dates of thousands of playlists on Spotify. Try out your free 24-hour trial today!
The more variety of terms you search, the more results you will get. We suggest starting with a simple genre term, like "pop." From there, look at some of the playlist names that you see and start to search terms that are in those playlists. For example, you might then want to start searching "pop hits," "pop party," "dance pop," or "new pop."
Playlists have become the best modern way to get your music listened to. There are thousands of independent curators who are happy to show your song to their listeners, if they like your sound.
We strongly advise against paying a playlist curator to be featured on their playlist. It is against Spotify's Terms of Service. Often, these playlists use botted users to get their numbers up, which are not great for your music in the long run.
Put your contact information in the description of your playlist. If you need additional help, please contact us at contact@playlistparrot.com.
You get a free 24-hour trial, but can get unlimited searches for just $10/month or $100/year. See the pricing page for more information.